Ferment Hamper

Ferment Hamper


A great way to sample the whole range, makes a great gift. Includes one each of the following:

Kimchi - Classic 400g

Deep and spicy, powerfully flavoured of ginger, garlic and chili pepper. Kimchi has a two thousand year history in Korea. Serve as a pickle alongside your favourite dish or use as a base for rich hotpots and stews.

Turmeric Kraut 400g

For thousands of years turmeric has been used as a powerful food and medicine in South Asia. This tangy and sweet kraut is a convenient way to liven up meals and make the most of this mighty spice.

Salvadoran Curtido 400g

This traditional recipe from El Salvador is savoury and fresh. Flavoured with oregano, it’s a delicious crunchy addition to a sandwich, anything hot off the grill and pairs very well with cheese.

Fermented Chipotle Hot Sauce

We ferment our chipotle peppers for over two months before blending this delicious hot sauce. Hot, but not too hot, this smoky and deep sauce is aged for maximum flavour.

Fermented Wholegrain Mustard

Old-style wholegrain mustard, lacto-fermented, unpasteurised and reinforced with organic ACV.

Organic Unpasteurised Apple Cider Vinegar

Unpasteurised vinegar made from organic apples grown in Suffolk. A refreshing and versatile must-have in any kitchen.


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Curtido ingredients: ORGANIC cabbage, ORGANIC onion, ORGANIC carrot, ORGANIC chili pepper, ORGANIC garlic, ORGANIC oregano, sea salt

Turmeric kraut ingredients: ORGANIC cabbage, ORGANIC onion, ORGANIC carrot, ORGANIC fresh turmeric (2.5%), ORGANIC garlic, ORGANIC chili pepper, sea salt

Kimchi ingredients: ORGANIC napa cabbage, ORGANIC daikon, ORGANIC carrot, ORGANIC onion, ORGANIC garlic, ORGANIC ginger, ORGANIC spring onion, gochugaru (Korean dried red chili pepper), sea salt

Mustard ingredients: ORGANIC yellow mustard seeds (18%), ORGANIC black mustard seeds (18%), ORGANIC unpasteurised apple cider vinegar, water, sea salt, paprika

Hot sauce ingredients: fermented chipotle mash (50%) (smoked jalepeno pepper, water, sea salt), ORGANIC unpasteurised apple cider vinegar, water

Vinegar ingredients: 100% ORGANIC unpasteurised apple cider vinegar