Cultured Veg Sampler - small

Cultured Veg Sampler - small


A selection of our cultured vegetables, includes 200g packs of each of the following, 3 packs total:

Kimchi - Classic

Deep and spicy, powerfully flavoured of ginger, garlic and chili pepper. Kimchi has a two thousand year history in Korea. Serve as a pickle alongside your favourite dish or use as a base for rich hotpots and stews.

Turmeric Kraut

For thousands of years turmeric has been used as a powerful food and medicine in South Asia. This tangy and sweet kraut is a convenient way to liven up meals and make the most of this mighty spice.

Salvadoran Curtido

This traditional recipe from El Salvador is savoury and fresh. Flavoured with oregano, it’s a delicious crunchy addition to a sandwich, anything hot off the grill and pairs very well with cheese.


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Curtido ingredients: ORGANIC cabbage, ORGANIC onion, ORGANIC carrot, ORGANIC chili pepper, ORGANIC garlic, ORGANIC oregano, sea salt

Turmeric kraut ingredients: ORGANIC cabbage, ORGANIC onion, ORGANIC carrot, ORGANIC fresh turmeric (2.5%), ORGANIC garlic, ORGANIC chili pepper, sea salt

Kimchi ingredients: ORGANIC napa cabbage, ORGANIC daikon, ORGANIC carrot, ORGANIC onion, ORGANIC garlic, ORGANIC ginger, ORGANIC spring onion, gochugaru (Korean dried red chili pepper), sea salt