Horsed Radish follow-up


A brief follow up on the daikon meets horseradish....

I had really high hopes going in to this one. The pungency from the horseradish is something I'd been enthusiastic about trying to work into a ferment for quite some time. The hope was that the result would be a crunchy and fiery sort of pickle, something that could excite and refresh the palate at the same time.


I first did a tasting at 14 days... and much to my surprise there was no horseradish pungency at all, no burn, no heat, nada... So that was a bit disappointing. In fact the flavour of the small amount of lemon zest I included in the recipe came through much clearer. Which is also quite nice, but it lacked the punch I was expecting.

It wasn't really sour enough for my liking so I put it back from another couple weeks. Now after just over a month, it's resulted in a fairly firm and crunchy pickle. Tangy and zesty with the lemon but no hint of the horseradish. All the light coloured pieces you can see in the pics are horseradish, so there is quite a bit in it but the flavour disappeared.


Any ideas as to what happened? Any tips on working with horseradish? Would love to hear from anyone's experience.

In the mean time, the resulting ferment is actually very nice. The lemon zest is a great addition, and could work really well with a lot of other flavours. I still really want to figure out the horseradish though.... hmmmm.