New ways to order - fermented food sampler

Picking from a menu can be tricky. Everything can look so good but you have to choose just one thing. Starting from now, you no longer have to choose! We're offering sample packs of all three of our cultured vegetables in our shop.


Unsure whether you'd prefer turmeric kraut or curtido with your lunch next week? Problem solved. You can order sampler packs in either small or medium sizes so we've got you covered whether you just want a small taste or you want to make sure there's enough to go around for your whole family.

Included in the sampler packs are one each of our fermented vegetable recipes.

Classic kimchi. Loaded with big punchy flavours of garlic, ginger and chili. It's also a vegan kimchi which makes it a great option for vegetarians or people with shellfish allergies that often have to miss out on kimchi.

Curtido. This recipe comes all the way from Latin America, El Salvador specifically, and is a great source of probiotic fermented vegetables. It's savoury oregano flavour lends itself really well to cheese and meats, and is an excellent addition to a lunchtime sandwich or salad.

Turmeric kraut. It's like a sauerkraut, with a few extra lacto-fermented vegetables involved, and all brought together by aromatic and warming raw organic turmeric root. This stuff goes well with everything, so no surprise it's one of our most popular items.

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