Ferment frontiers

One of the things that got us interested in fermentation in the first place, was the experimentation of it all. The process of creating recipes and trying them out always felt a bit like a science experiment because until you've let your ferment... ferment... you don't know exactly what the final product will end up like. So working with a new ingredient is always fun. Getting to know how it works and how it's flavour will be changed by the fermentation process, and how it's flavours interact with others, is always exciting.

At Terra Ferment we've worked out a few regular recipes that we know and love. Our classic kimchi, a warm and spicy interpretation of the famous Korean fermented cabbage. Our curtido, a Salvadoran take on lacto-fermented vegetables a little bit like sauerkraut. And of course our turmeric kraut, packed full of raw organic turmeric. Not to mention our hot sauces and mustards too.

But we also want to keep exploring new flavours, ideas and techniques, and we want to share these explorations with you. Whether in the form of a recipe or a blog post, or even early access to a product we're still developing, we want to make this a two-way process, where we can share what we learn and can get early feedback from the people whose opinions matter most (that's you!).

This is very much a idea in development, so thanks for following along and we hope to share more soon!

Horseradish... interesting stuff...

Wow. This is a powerful root. What could we do with this.....

Let's set that aside for a couple weeks and see what happens. Peppery daikon, horseradish, and a wee bit of lemon zest.... could be interesting. Watch this space!