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Cultured Vegetables:
Fundamental ferments

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Ferments, pickles, kraut, what's it all about...

We started Terra Ferment to make delicious, small-batch naturally preserved foods. Every culture around the world has a culinary history rooted in fermentation. It really is amazing and inspiring. Our aim is to uncover these traditions and recipes from around the world, and make them relevant to the UK today with organic, locally sourced ingredients. Global recipes, made local.

You are
what you eat

We love fermented foods. Sauerkraut, kimchi, our sauces, pickled vegetables are all tasty ways of getting more good stuff in your gut. So what's the point of creating loved small-batch foods rich with powerful ingredients like turmeric, ginger and chili, if we don't use the very best of those ingredients available?

OUR COMMITMENT: we always source the highest quality ingredients, ORGANIC if we can source it, the more local the better.