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About fermentation

What is fermentation?
Fermentation is a the process of naturally preserving and improving foods. By harnessing the power of the microbiome (all the amazing bacteria and yeasts that live all around us) humans leaned long how to make foods last longer, taste better, and be healthier. Fermentation is used to produce many well know foods in the UK today. Things like cheese, beer, vinegar, wine, chocolate and coffee are all produced using fermentation.

Pickles are another example of a food traditionally produced by fermentation. As lactic acid bacteria (LAB) found naturally on vegetables consumes sugars during fermentation, it produces lactic acid as a byproduct. This is what makes pickles have a sour tangy taste, and also what makes them safe to eat. The good bacteria, the LABs, are really good at making our food an inhospitable place for the bad bacteria. It really is amazing!

But mass-manufactured pickled foods miss out on this, either by shortcutting the fermentation process and just adding industrially produced acids directly into food (gross!) to preserve them, or if they are fermented, typically pasteurise the food to make it shelf stable. Doing this kills off all bacteria including all the LABs (the good bacteria) but is convenient for big companies as now the food can sit on a shelf for many months (gross!).

What are the health benefits associated with eating fermented foods?
There is a lot of ongoing research into the beneficial effects of eating fermented foods. We'll be exploring some of it here on our website in the weeks and months to come. A healthy gut has been linked to better weight management and digestion, better mood, improved absorption of vitamins and minerals, better immune response, and much more. It turns out that our microbiome, the collection of micro-organisms that make up about half of the cells in our bodies, plays a very important role in the maintenance of our health and well-being. Eating probiotic foods can play a role in ensuring that our gut stays healthy and functioning well.

About our products

How are Terra Ferment products packaged?

Our cultured vegetable including kimchi, krauts and curtido are packaged in resealable pouches. These are light-weight, flexible and leak-proof in transit ensuring your ferments will get to you in one piece. As your ferment is a living food, it may continue to produce gas once packaged, this is a normal part of the fermentation process. If your pouch arrives looking a little 'puffed up', don't worry, once you have opened and resealed the pouch it will have released any built up pressure.

Other products including hot sauces, mustards and vinegars are packaged in glass. As these products produce gas at a much slower rate, they should arrive fully sealed and intact.

How should I store my Terra Ferment products?
Once you receive your order, they should be kept in the fridge. Fermented foods are living foods and will continue to change flavour and composition over time. This is normal, but we don't want it to happen too fast, storing them in the fridge slows this process down and makes sure you can enjoy your ferment at your leisure. The exception to this is our raw organic apple cider vinegar, due to the specifics of the vinegar fermentation process this does not need refrigeration, but should still be stored in a cool dark place (a cupboard is totally fine) for optimal taste.

I’m gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian can I still eat Terra Ferment products?
All of our products are gluten and dairy free, as well as vegan.

Ordering and delivery


Currently we are running a twice-monthly fermentation schedule. We endeavor to always have stock available, but if we have run out or are about to package a fresh batch, there may be a small delay in dispatching your order. If this is the case we will let you know ASAP.


We aim to have your order dispatched within 72 hours of receipt, usually sooner. If we are out of stock of an item we will inform you immediately and let you know of the expected dispatch date.


Delivery rates are calculated on the basis of the weight of your order. Generally speaking, the larger the order the lower £/kg rate will apply.

For total order weights under 1kg we ship Royal Mail 1st class. This enables us to have your product to you within one business day.

For total order weights over 1kg we use a national courier service. The enables us to have your product to you within two business days

Does Terra Ferment accept and deliver orders outside the UK?

No unfortunately we don't accept orders from outside the UK at this time.